The Chatham Law Group provides professional legal representation and counsel to entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the State of California, Hawaii, and Washington D.C. Detailed experience and up to date knowledge of the law can be crucial to the success of your business.

Our firm is dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel informed and secure about their decisions. We were founded on a strong commitment to professional ethics and pride ourselves in offering practical, innovative and affordable solutions to our clients.

What makes The Chatham Law Group different from any other firm?

Availability: A significant feature of The Chatham Law Group is our availability to our clients. Our boutique setting allows us to avoid the numerous committees necessary to operate and manage clients that are typical with a large firm. The Chatham Law Group avoids the staffing hierarchy to a particular matter which is the standard established by large firms. Our firm does not require the partners to be consulted in order to implement a change in the representation of our clients. When a client needs to speak with an attorney at our firm, the client is more likely to get through to that attorney, and, that attorney can more readily implement a different course of action that best suits the client’s best interests. In other words, you want it, you got it – today.

Affordable Alternative to the Big Firm: Businesses who choose wisely can receive top quality legal support for less.  The Chatham Law Group provides superior value, greater access to the senior-most attorneys and higher priority among the firm’s clients. We are able to compete with the midsize and large firms by offering more detailed services at a lower price. Our overhead per firm member is much lower than that in the large firms. As a result, our billing rates are considerably less than those of members of large firms with comparable experience. We keep our costs low and share these cost savings with our clients.

The Client’s Perspective: The Chatham Law Group prides itself on fostering truly independent thinking, encouraging a broad range of viewpoints from a variety of disciplines in order to obtain a wider and more accurate perspective of its clients’ legal problems. The nature of this arrangement allows whole issues and approaches to be reframed and creatively solved by collaborating with one another. This has fostered a healthy respect for intellectual thoroughness even if it challenges the status quo.

Full Service: Our firm provides an array of services to our clients, but even when circumstances arise that go beyond our scope of expertise, we coordinate and collaborate the representation required with our network of seasoned professionals. We collaborate with professionals in areas that we do not serve to ensure that our clients receive strong, cost-effective representation. When necessary, we quarterback an exceptional ensemble of legal talent in a number of practice areas because our clients trust us to assemble a team to achieve their objectives. Our relationships with mid-size and large firms are more collaborative than adversarial. As a result of our collaborative relationships, we obtain referrals from mid- to large-size firms on matters that are not ideally suited  for them and require the expertise and/or effectiveness of our firm. This is a win-win for both The Chatham Law Group and the referring firm, as well as the client.

We Come to You: Our firm stands out from the competition because we are committed to providing the best representation possible at a fair cost. At The Chatham Law Group, we collaborate with each other in order to achieve the best result while bearing in mind the most effective rate. The partners put in the time and actually do the work. We communicate with clients on an ongoing basis and value their input as much as clients value our counsel. In the ever changing and evolving world of business, we strive to come to you and meet with you in person. We grasp the reality that time is of the essence and is a precious commodity in cultivating a business. The Chatham Law Group comes to you because each company, no matter what industry, possesses different attributes and personalities. In order to provide succinct and efficient legal counsel, our firm must grasp not only your mission, but the culture and essence of your business as well. Put simply, we are providing you the service so we come to you to make it easier.