Our firm has extensive experience representing clients doing business in new media. Whether pursuing new opportunities or investments, enforcing contracts or agreements or protecting clients’ rights, the firm’s lawyers understand the unique issues presented by operating in this industry, including the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships, controlling sensitive information, maintaining privacy and confidentiality and achieving goals in tight timeframes. As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on providing tailor specific service to our client’s needs. Our firm offers experienced counsel and effective representation for clients in this fast-moving, high-stakes industry.

Our firm works together with innovative companies and individuals at the intersection of technology and the law in new media, social networking, interactive entertainment, software, and electronic content sharing and publishing. The firm regularly represents clients in the sale, acquisition and protection of domain names and other electronic assets. We have seasoned experience in data security and privacy issues. With the emergence of social networking and the often unfiltered use of these social networks by entrepreneurs and entertainers, there is potential exposure to liabilities with as little as one twitter tweet. Our firm advises clients on the proper use of social networking to minimize the risk to these potential liabilities.