Our firm deals with disputes based in all varieties of civil litigation, and we handle jury and nonjury trials in the state and federal courts. We are particularly adept at handling complex business transactions and cases. In negotiation and in the courtroom, we apply sound judgment with an appropriately aggressive edge.

Equally important, we counsel clients on business issues so that they can better prepare and more informed about litigation. We work closely with clients to help anticipate disputes before they erupt. We believe that litigators who know a client’s business – and who advise as transactions are crafted – can help to avoid lawsuits, create a positive record for actions that do arise, and improve the odds for success when a controversy develops. This benefits our clients through greater efficiency, less litigation, more successes, and lower cost.

Representative services include the following:

  • Controversies between business competitors, including the byproducts of noncompetition agreements
  • Partnership and close corporation disputes
  • Claims of business fraud
  • Actions stemming from agreements on corporate acquisitions
  • Unfair and deceptive business practice claims
  • Disputes over agreements with suppliers, vendors, customers, distributors, and franchisees