What They’re Saying

Our firm, Adaptive Studios, Inc., is an entrepreneurial production company which specializes in the development of distressed intellectual properties. I first met partner Christopher Chatham and his colleagues at The Chatham Law Group about five years ago and have done the vast majority of our legal work with the firm since then. The Chatham Law Group legal team has tremendous breadth and depth and has been an integral part of Adaptive’s success over the years. While there are other firms that have comparable talent, The Chatham Law Group distinguishes itself by truly thinking and behaving like a partner, as opposed to a third party service provider. Moreover, they are extraordinarily hard-working and diligent; they are available whenever and wherever we need them. The nature of our business is to seek higher returning transactions, and hence we face situations that can often be quite complex. The Chatham Law Group, time and time again, has helped us to flawlessly evaluate, negotiate and document such transactions involving Content Creators to “Build a Better Mousetrap” within multi-media platforms like ebooks, apps, online communities & digital platforms as well as assisted us in partnering with major studios and production companies to acquire distressed intellectual properties . We truly view The Chatham Law Group as being part of our own team.

Adaptive Studios, Inc.CEO

Given the complexity of our transactions and the short time frame in which to complete them, I couldn't have been more pleased with the level and frequency of communication, the range of expertise brought to the project, the quality of work product, and the firm's willingness to manage their costs effectively. The one distinguishing factor that I particularly liked was the way the firm manages our communications. They kept the same team from the start of the project until its completion, which gave us the best result.

3311 Productions/Giant PiratesCEO

The Chatham Law Group is not only staffed with highly competent lawyers but also understand our objectives. For many years now, The Chatham Law Group has worked hand in hand with me to develop strategies to address issues effectively and expeditiously, while being sensitive to legal fees. As litigators, The Chatham Law Group was extremely helpful in developing a clever and unique approach to achieve success in several complicated matters that were vital to our success. The Chatham Law Group’s presence is embedded in our infrastructure and we take comfort in knowing we have them on our side to avoid the hurdles and pitfalls in our industry.

Executive in Charge for the Doctors, Dr. Phil, and the Test.